100 Years Ago – 21 May 1920

21 May 1920

Denis Henry, the Attorney General for Ireland, confirmed to the House of Commons that where Irish nationalists had destroyed police barracks in the country then the cost of a replacement was always funded by the local authority.

James Lowther, the Speaker of the House of Commons, clashed with a number of MPs who wanted to debate the Polish conflict with Bolshevik Russia. The Speaker said, “the Polish Government were masters in their own house, and were entitled to take such course as they pleased”.

The media reported that there was a movement linked to Sinn Fein which was called the “Irish Republican Brotherhood” which was able to declare war and peace, as well as condemning members to death for treason. This organisation had been in existence since 1858 and between 1919 and 1921 it was controlled by Michael Collins.