100 Years Ago – 18 May 1920

18 May 1920

Rioting continued in Londonderry and Bernard Doherty, a 21-year old former soldier, was shot at in the street, dying of his wounds. Two groups of Sinn Fein supporters, one set coming from John Street and the other from Carlisle Road, clashed with unionists, with rioting spreading to Bridge Street and Fountain Street. Troops were able to restore order by the end of the evening, but numerous people received wounds.

The situation in the Isle of Lewis continued to cause concern given the departure of William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme who had planned an investment project for the island. However, the project was scuppered when a number of people built homes on the island, which Leverhulme defined as squatters. Rather than pursue the injunctions which he had acquired, Leverhulme abandoned the project and instead established the town that became known as Leverburgh. It was thought that over 95% of the islanders had been in support of the scheme and there had been some anger towards those who constructed what were seen as speculative building projects.