100 Years Ago – 15 May 1920

15 May 1920

The National Health Insurance Bill was read a third time in the House of Commons and it was later passed on 20 May and introduced on 5 July 1920. It built on the National Health Insurance Act of 1911, with both the employer and the individual making compulsory contributions.

The Corn Production Acts Repeal Bill was rejected in the House of Commons during a period of turbulence for British agriculture. The Government had tended to avoid getting directly involved in subsidising agriculture, but in 1917 there were minimum prices set for wheat and oats production. This aided the agricultural community after the First World War ended, but there were calls for the price protection to go, which it did in 1921, triggering an agricultural recession.

The Government confirmed that the rationing of butter would end on 30 May 1920.