100 Years Ago – 13 May 1920

13 May 1920

King George V held an investiture at Buckingham Palace, bringing back the concept of holding the ceremony outdoors. He gave decorations to over 400 people and he wore the uniform of a Field-Marshal.

Austen Chamberlain, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, spoke at a speech to the British Bankers’ Association saying that “with courage, restraint and sacrifice, we should emerge stronger financially than we ever were before”.

Speaking to a representative of the Press Association, Sir Hamar Greenwood gave his first interview since taking on the role of Chief Secretary of Ireland. He said that he had issued no deportation orders and that the Irish Executive was in complete unanimity about how prisoners had been treated, but also added his concern at the killings of police officers across the country. He added that “I have come to Ireland with the one desire to help to establish peace, and personally deal with the great issues involved in the many Irish questions”.