100 Years Ago – 8 May 1920

8 May 1920

Ministers from the coalition Government were forced to leave a National Liberal meeting at Leamington after the audience refused to let them speak. The media reported that “the delegates were resolved from the start to hear no explanations and to listen to no defence”.

At a meeting in Stirling, Scottish coal-miners at their conference said that they supported Ireland being freed from the military control of the British. It was agreed to do what they could to help Irish families with food for the period of any strike which took place in the country.

The by-election result in Sunderland was announced, caused by the appointment of Sir Hamar Greenwood as the Chief Secretary of Ireland, at a time when this type of appointment required a by-election. Greenwood won for the Coalition Liberals with 22,813 votes, compared to 14,379 for Labour’s VH Rutherford and 5,065 votes for the Independent Liberal, Ernest Howe.