100 Years Ago – 6 May 1920

6 May 1920

After concerns about the level of coal production, the Government confirmed that just under 5 million tons of coal were mined in the week ended 24 April 1920, the highest for nearly a year.

88 Members of the US House of Representatives signed and cabled a letter of complaint to the British Prime Minister, complaining about the imprisonment of individuals without a trial. They said that the methods of ruling Ireland were “tyrannical” and that “it put England to shame”.

Danish troops walked into North Slesvig, 56 years after they were forced to leave the territory. British troops met them in the town of Tondern and the Danish military were welcomed in the town of Sonderborg. The decision was made after the 1920 Schleswig plebiscites where some territories remained in Germany, and some were returned to Denmark.