100 Years Ago – 3 May 1920

3 May 1920

The death was announced of the Crown Princess of Sweden, a daughter of the Duke of Connaught who was the son of Queen Victoria. Princess Margaret died at the age of 38 and was the eldest of three children, with the British King and Queen sending their condolences to the Swedish Royal Family.

Prince Albert, who later became King George VI, said in a speech at the Royal Academy that he wanted to see a revival of village signs around the country. At the time, there had been an increase in the number of village signs in Norfolk, which is where the Prince saw the initiative.

3,000 clerks, stationmasters and supervisors on the Irish railways joined a dispute due to the non-payment of arrears which had been agreed in 1919 would be paid.

The Polish military captured 15,000 Bolshevik troops, as well as materials helpful for the war effort, meaning that the 12th Bolshevik Army was almost destroyed.