100 Years Ago – 28 April 1920

28 April 1920

The Firearms Bill was read a second time in the House of Lords, legislation which was deemed necessary as there was a concern that the increased number of weapons during the First World War could be used in the Irish troubles or as part of the increasing discontent among sections of the workforce about living conditions. The Bill of Rights in 1689 had given Protestants the right to bear arms, but the 1920 Bill, which was enacted, took away some of those rights.

There were fights and “rowdy scenes” in Glasgow following a demonstration by supporters of Sinn Fein.

Following the conclusion of the conference at San Remo, it was decided to invite the Germans to a conference at Spa, in Belgium, “in order that the Allies might receive the fullest information regarding the situation in Germany, with special regard to the enforcement of the Treaty”.