100 Years Ago – 27 April 1920

27 April 1920

Andrew Bonar Law, the then Leader of the House of Commons, met with Irish citizens concerned with the recent killings in the country. Bonar Law said that it was “essential that law and order in Ireland should be preserved” and he refused to rule out the military being brought in to protect the police.

It was confirmed that the conference in San Remo had approved the joint Anglo-French Declaration on the disarmament in Germany. It was hoped that the conference, which had now come to an end, would resolve the problems with Germany’s non-compliance with the Versailles Peace Treaty. David Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister, said that “this is not the beginning, but the continuation, of the good relations between France and Great Britain”.

The Irish prisoners in Wormwood Scrubs continued their hunger strike, with the daily total involved now totalling 172 prisoners, with 60 in bed and 12 “in a bad way”, but none were thought to be in immediate danger.