100 Years Ago – 26 April 1920

26 April 1920

A police sergeant and constable were shot dead near Upton, in County Cork as part of an IRA campaign. The names of the two dead were later confirmed as Sergeant Cornelius Crean and Constable Patrick McGoldrick, with a third member of the police party, Constable Power, managing to escape. It had been the second attempt made by the IRA to kill Crean, with the first having been abandoned.

Concerns were raised about the spread of smallpox, which had been discovered in Glasgow and traced to ships arriving in the city. Precautions were introduced and later on it was discovered that smallpox had arrived in Glasgow in February 1920 and the outbreak wasn’t brought under control in the city until July 1920.

The Government reported that 130 Irish prisoners had gone on a hunger strike in the Wormwood Scrubs prison. There were concerns that if the situation developed then strike action might begin in parts of the country, with Liverpool being mentioned as a location where trade unions might take action in support of the Irish prisoners.