100 Years Ago – 22 April 1920

22 April 1920

Concerns were raised about the cost of living following the announcement that coal prices might rise by 10s a ton, with a representative of the coal industry saying that it was “absolutely necessary”. The industry said that the pay rise being given to the miners couldn’t be financed without most of that increase being payable by householders. There also remained a general shortage of coal due to difficulties in its transportation and a general lack of coal wagons.

The results of the by-elections in Edinburgh North and Edinburgh South were published, with both elections having taken place on 9 April 1920. In Edinburgh North, Patrick Ford won for the Unionist Party with a majority of 1,475 votes over the Liberal’s Walter Runciman, with Labour’s David Pole coming third. In Edinburgh South, Charles Murray won for the Unionist Party with a majority of 2,999 over the Liberal’s David Holmes.

The agenda was published for the Labour’s Party meeting in Scarborough in late April, with the party’s future direction being discussed, as well as considering whether Labour MPs should be banned from holding other positions because of their poor attendance in the House of Commons. Glasgow Trades Council wanted the Government to recognise the Russian Soviet Government and proposed that the Labour conference should “send fraternal greetings to the Russians”.