100 Years Ago – 19 April 1920

19 April 1920

A riot took place in Londonderry which injured 11 civilians, as well as several members of the Dorset Regiment and the police. The authorities confirmed that thousands of pounds of damage had been done to buildings, with much glass smashed. The rioting was to worsen over the next few months, with many more killed and injured.

A coroner’s court concluded that the Lord Mayor of Cork had been murdered with the knowledge of the British police, under the instruction of the British Government. The jury found that David Lloyd George and Lord French were guilty of wilful murder.

David Lloyd George met with other international leaders in San Remo, Italy, in a conference which lasted from 19 April until 26 April 1920. Other British representatives included Walter Gribbon, a military advisor, Lord Curzon, the Foreign Secretary and Robert Vansittart, who was the private secretary to Lord Curzon. Their discussions aimed to decide on the future of Turkey, as well German’s obligations under the Versailles Peace Treaty and the allied response to the actions of Soviet Russia.