Foreign Office Expresses Concern About Arrests in Hong Kong

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has expressed concern about the arrest of a number of political figures in Hong Kong. 15 people were arrested by the authorities, including Jimmy Lai, a media tycoon who has been critical of the Chinese regime. Those arrested will appear in court in May 2020, charged with unlawful protest during the demonstrations which had been taking place in Hong Kong over recent months.

In a statement, the FCO said:

“We are concerned about the arrests of a number of political figures in Hong Kong, and are following these cases closely. We expect any arrests and judicial processes to be conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

The right to peaceful protest is fundamental to Hong Kong’s way of life and as such is protected in both the Joint Declaration and the Basic Law. It is essential that any protests are conducted peacefully, and that the authorities avoid actions that inflame tensions. The authorities should focus on rebuilding trust through a process of meaningful political dialogue.”