100 Years Ago – 17 April 1920

17 April 1920

The British Government confirmed that they were sending several thousand infantrymen to Ireland to try and quell the growing number of rebellions across Dublin and other cities. There were fears that the actions of the Government might inflame the situation, as it was becoming apparent that the strategy on Irish home rule was starting to fail and that independence might be inevitable.

The Ministry of Food announced that the price of sugar would have to rise by 2d per lb, as global prices had already risen and there were limited stocks in the UK. Confectioners would receive 50% of their allocation of sugar in 1919, whereas breweries and distilleries would receive nothing.

A private member’s Bill for lowering the age of female voting from 30 to 21 passed its Second Reading in the House of Commons. The Bill wasn’t though successful in becoming law and equivalence between men and women didn’t take place until the Representation of the People Act 1928.