100 Years Ago – 14 April 1920

14 April 1920

The result of the Basingstoke by-election was published, which was triggered when the previous MP, Auckland Geddes, became the British Ambassador to the United States. Arthur Richard Holbrook won the seat for the Unionists, with 8,515 votes, whilst Harry Verney received 5,393 votes and James Harry Round received 5,352 votes.

The Camberwell North West by-election was also published, triggered by Thomas James Macnamara being appointed as a Minister for Labour, which at the time required another vote to be held in the constituency. Macnamara won again for the Coalition Liberals, winning 6,618 votes, whilst Labour’s Susan Lawrence gained 4,733 votes and the Liberal’s John Charles Carroll securing 3,386 votes.

Yorkshire miners voted comprehensively for a deal, averting fears that a national strike of the miners might begin. With 120,000 votes, 75.03% voted for the deal, with 24% voting for a strike and the rest spoiling their ballot.