Labour Party Call For Raab to Name a Minister to Run Foreign Office

Lisa Nandy (above), the Shadow Foreign Secretary, has called on Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, to appoint a named Minister to run the department whilst he takes over from the ill Boris Johnson. She said that everyone wished the Prime Minister well in his recovery from the Coronavirus, but that there was still much to do in order to get British citizens home from overseas.

Nandy said in a statement:

“Over the coming days and weeks, decisions will need to be taken in real time to coordinate a response to this crisis that will rightly demand the full attention of Dominic Raab and his team. It is crucial, however, that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office continues to function effectively during this period. This is a global crisis and demands a global response.

We are calling on Dominic Raab to immediately name a minister with responsibility for the day to day running of the Foreign Office while he deputises for the Prime Minister. This is to ensure we can support our citizens around the world and demonstrate the leadership necessary to overcome the challenges ahead.”

A spokesperson at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that Dominic Raab was still able to make decisions relating to the department whilst standing in for the Prime Minister.