100 Years Ago – 12 April 1920

12 April 1920

In Essen, there were reports of attacks by the Reichswehr (the military organisation in Germany between 1919 and 1935, which was replaced by the Wehrmacht) on workmen and individuals in the city. Large numbers of people were arrested, there were house to house searches and reports that individuals were forced to dig their own graves.

The results were finally declared following the by-election in Dartford which had been held at the end of March in 1920. The seat was won by Labour’s John Edmund Mills, who secured 13,610 votes, taking the seat from the Liberals, whose candidate Thomas Wing secured 4,562 votes. The other three candidates were the Unionist’s Richard Meller (4,221 votes), the National Party’s Reginald Applin (2,952 votes) and the Independent Unionist’s Frank Fehr (1,802 votes).

After the result was announced in Dartford, Mills said “I had felt quite confident of victory, but I confess that the majority of over 9,000 staggered me, I have the women voters to thank for my majority”.