100 Years Ago – 10 April 1920

10 April 2020

The National Union of Railwaymen issued a demand that all of their workers should be paid an additional £1 per week, with an extra increase of 1s per day for drivers and 2s per day for all cleaners. The total cost of the wage demand would be £17 million per year. The matter was referred to the Central Wages Board in the hope of finding an agreement and averting any strike action.

There was a split in the Liberal ranks in advance of the by-election in Sunderland on 24 April 1920, with Hamar Greenwood representing the Coalition Liberals and EM Howe representing the Liberals. It was also said that the Independent Liberals would have stood, but they decided not to when it was announced that Vickerman Rutherford, a former member of the Liberals, was standing for the Labour Party.