Guardian Report Robert Jenrick Visited Parents Despite Lockdown

The Guardian newspaper has reported that Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, visited his parents last weekend, despite telling people not to make such journeys. Jenrick clarified later that he was delivering medicines as his parents are self-isolating.

The newspaper reported:

“A witness has told the Guardian they saw Jenrick, 38, visiting the property at the weekend. A source close to the cabinet minister admitted that he had made the journey during lockdown conditions, but defended the trip by saying he dropped off food and medication, and did not enter the house.

The Guardian understands that the local community has been supporting Jenrick’s parents by delivering groceries in recent weeks. This was not denied, though the source said Jenrick had collected and delivered medication for his parents, too.”

Jenrick had said two weeks before in advance of Mother’s Day:

“I know it’s Mother’s Day and I know it’s tough and it goes against everything that we want to do as a family but don’t go and see your mum. Give her a phone call, Skype her, FaceTime her, tell her that you love her and that we’re going to get through this together.”

Jenrick said in a statement on Twitter responding to the Guardian:

“For clarity – my parents asked me to deliver some essentials – including medicines. They are both self-isolating due to age and my father’s medical condition and I respected social distancing rules.”