100 Years Ago – 7 April 1920

7 April 1920

The situation in the Mountjoy Prison in Dublin worsened as over one hundred prisoners went on strike and there was serious damage to the cell walls when rioting started.

The Labour Party hoped to welcome Ramsay MacDonald, who later became the Prime Minister, to a meeting in Edinburgh as part of the party’s campaigning for the by-election in Edinburgh North. The hall where MacDonald was planning to speak was full and an overflow room was brought into use, but MacDonald got delayed in Glasgow. The party had though arranged 12 meetings throughout the constituency in the day in the hope that their candidate David Pole would be successful.

In Birkenhead, the town’s Mayor said at the opening of a new aerodrome that using aeroplanes might be a way of beating any strikes caused by railwaymen. He said that there could be as many as thirty aerodromes opened across the country and then they wouldn’t be tied to trains and steamboats.