100 Years Ago – 6 April 1920

6 April 1920

The situation in Ireland deteriorated with 150 unmanned police stations across the country being destroyed by fire. There was also a “wholesale destruction” of income tax papers, which cost the Government tens of millions of pounds and took years to resolve. This included the raiding of the Custom House at Galway where income tax records were burnt and some homes of income tax collectors raided and their books destroyed.

A joint operation of military and police in armoured cars raided a series of addresses in a nationalist part of Belfast, arresting six men. No charges were made against the six arrested and the Sinn Fein leaders who the joint forces were looking for all managed to escape.

80 prisoners started a hunger strike in Mountjoy prison in Dublin, which included some who had been arrested under the Defence of the Realm Act (DORA) regulations. The Attorney General for Ireland said that the prison had warned that some of the prisoners were now in the danger zone.