100 Years Ago – 5 April 1920

5 April 1920

Colonel Josiah Wedgwood visited Usher Hall in Edinburgh to attend a packed meeting held by the Independent Labour Party. He said that the aims of the Labour movement should be clear, they needed to remove the current Government and replace it with a Labour Government that would mean business. He added that “the present Government is responsible for the great increase in the cost of living and they were responsible in the first place, because the fall in the value of paper money was due to their finance. They had followed the bad practice that was growing up of making both ends meet by printing paper money”.

Walter Runciman, a Liberal MP and former President of the Board of Trade who had lost his Dewsbury seat at the 1918 General Election, spoke at an afternoon meeting in the Free Gardeners’ Hall at Picardy Place in Edinburgh. In the meeting he spoke of his support for free trade and that one of the most urgent measures needed was the restoration of international trade. He also said that he supported the measures in the League of Nations that would make secret treaties between countries a thing of the past.