100 Years Ago – 4 April 1920

4 April 1920

Fearing an Easter Rising, armed troops blockaded all entrances to the city of Dublin and vehicles had to be searched before being allowed through. The same policy was undertaken in Londonderry and barbed wire was placed across roads in both the cities. The British army made great efforts to search hay carts after hearing about a Sinn Fein plot to transport guns and ammunition into the city.

The French Government confirmed that Germany had sent them 2,683 rail locomotives as part of their Armistice terms, with the French sending 697 of them to other Allied countries.

Severe food shortages were announced in the Isle of Skye, with the locals petitioning the Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, to deal with the problem. A local said that they were on a “starvation diet” and a number of expected deliveries hadn’t arrived.