100 Years Ago – 3 April 1920

3 April 1920

Arthur Henderson, who at the time was a previous Leader of the Labour Party, criticised the Government’s policy on Ireland. He said that the Labour Party was right to oppose the Government’s Home Rule Bill and he said in a speech that “Speaking for myself, I am convinced that we have to go much further than any measure so far considered by the British Parliament. The Labour Party has not receded one inch from the position defined in the resolutions of national and international conferences and congresses. Self-determination is self-determination and every reservation weakens the force of this principle”.

British warships took thirty Turkish prisoners to Malta from Constantinople who had been “disturbing the peace”. These included five prominent nationalists such as Ali Said Pasha, the Governor of Constantinople, and the Governor of Baghdad.

A Government reshuffle took place following the appointment of Sir Hamar Greenwood to the role of Chief Secretary to Ireland, with the Liberal Ian MacPherson becoming the Minister of Pensions and the Conservative Sir Laming Worthington-Evans becoming the Minister Without Portfolio.