100 Years Ago – 2 April 1920

2 April 1920

Ian Macpherson, the Liberal MP for Ross and Cromarty, resigned as the Chief Secretary for Ireland. There were three names put forwards, Sir L. Worthington-Evans, Sir Hamar Greenwood and Cecil Harmsworth, with Greenwood getting the role. He was the Liberal MP for Sunderland and he was to be the last holder of the role, with Ireland gaining its independence in 1922.

William Whitelaw, the Chairman of the North British Railway Company, said that the railways were becoming too congested. He questioned why the Ministry of Transport wasn’t doing more to help, but added that it wouldn’t suit the industry for the Government to run the network. He suggested instead a system where the Government owned the railways and then leased them to private companies, which is similar to what was introduced in the 1990s.

David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, went on holiday accompanied by his daughter, Megan Lloyd George, to Criccieth in Wales. The Prime Minister left from Euston railway station for Easter and he was given a “hearty send-off” from the packed platforms.