100 Years Ago – 28 March 1920

28 March 1920

The former Foreign Minister, Hermann Müller became the Chancellor of Germany, although he held this position only until June 1920 when a general election for the Reichstag was held. He appointed a new Cabinet which was a combination of socialists, democrats and centrists that it was hoped would be able to hold the nation together. Müller became the Chancellor of Germany again from June 1928 until March 1930.

The threat of a miners’ strike in the UK diminished, following talks between the Government and representatives from the Miners’ Federation. A spokesman for the Miners’ Federation said that there was still a pay difference of 2.5% between them and the Government, but that this wasn’t sufficient to justify a full strike.

The Government announced changes to the rationing policy that was still in force, saying that the butter ration would be increased due to a supply from Ireland, and a supply of bacon from Denmark meant that more of that meat would be available. Rationing had only been introduced in the UK in 1918 following food shortages across the country, with restrictions not fully ending until later in 1920.