100 Years Ago – 26 March 1920

26 March 1920

The media reported that the miners were meeting David Lloyd George about their wage demands and working conditions. It had been suggested that the Government had a plot to blockade the homes of miners and their families, although the Prime Minister denied these allegations.

The House of Commons debated the proposal to increase some underground fares by 100%, with part of the reason being the subsidising of omnibuses in London. There were fears that workmen wouldn’t be able to afford the new fares and that without the subsiding of the buses the underground would make significant profits.

Another debate in the Commons was on the subject of all women having the vote and Nancy Astor (the first female MP to take her seat) said that perhaps the war would not have taken place if women had been running the country. Frederick Banbury, the MP for the City of London, said that “young women of under 21 would show no interest in politics. On a fine afternoon they would be spending their time in shops, like Nancy Astor who was reported to have recently spent a whole afternoon in a Plymouth shop buying a dress that did not fit her”.