100 Years Ago – 25 March 1920

25 March 1920

Herbert Asquith, who had been Liberal Prime Minister between 1908 until 1916, spoke at the National Liberal Club and said that the current Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, was issuing a challenge to liberalism. He claimed that liberalism was being being annihilated because of the growing threat of Bolshevism, with no natural antithesis between Liberalism and Labour. He added that “the rank and file of the Liberals should not be harnessed to the wheels of the Tory chariot in an insensate crusade against an imaginary peril”.

Patrick Johnstone Ford was selected as the Unionist candidate for the forthcoming by-election in the Edinburgh North constituency. Ford, who was to win the constituency at the election, was supported by the Unionist and Liberals backing David Lloyd George’s Government. In his acceptance speech, Ford said that he felt that they were “on the threshold of very great developments” and that he had a “vision of world peace”. He added that women were right to be given the vote and that the poorest had benefited from increases in Government spending.