100 Years Ago – 20 March 1920

20 March 1920

100 years ago today, there was a general strike in Germany and the upshot of the Ruhr Uprising was that northern and western Germany was without an effective Government.

In the UK, Dr. Macnamara (above) was appointed as the Minister for Labour and Sir Robert Horne became the President of the Board of Trade. The Liberal Thomas James Macnamara was the fourth person to hold the role, which had first been established in 1916, which he was to hold until October 1922. He took over from Sir Robert Horne, who later became Chancellor of the Exchequer under the David Lloyd George Government. Horne held the role of President of the Board of Trade for just over a year, until 1 April 1921 when he became the Chancellor.

A report was published which sought to take away the ancient monopolies on markets in London, where the owners had been claiming sole selling rights. The report, by the Ministry of Food,said that new markets should be established and they could be in more convenient locations and where there was a greater need.

A fire broke out at Shireoaks Colliery in Sheffield, which it was feared for a time could lead to the deaths of 270 miners. Fortunately, they were led to safety by fire officers, with the repairs to the mine taking several weeks to complete. The mine re-opened and stayed in use until 1990, when it was closed down by British Coal.