Brandon Lewis to Attend St. Patrick’s Day Events in Washington

Brandon Lewis, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, is to attend St. Patrick’s Day events in Washington, in the United States, later this month.

Lewis said in a statement:

“I am absolutely delighted to be joining the St Patrick’s Day events in Washington this week. The last few years have, undoubtedly, represented a period of real challenge for Northern Ireland. The three-year absence of a devolved government represented a step in the wrong direction, but I am delighted that the Executive is back and the Good Friday Agreement institutions are up and running once again.

The Good Friday Agreement, and the power-sharing Executive and other institutions set out within it, are as important today as they were 20 years ago. As Secretary of State, my commitment to the letter and the spirit of the Agreement is absolute, and I will never apologise for saying that the only sustainable way forward for Northern Ireland is through those institutions. The New Decade, New Approach Deal sets out an ambitious vision for Northern Ireland and I am focused on delivering on our commitments. Of course, we cannot forget the vital contribution the US had in helping to secure that historic deal in 1998 that led to lasting peace in Northern Ireland and for its continued support for the Northern Ireland political process.

And during my visit this week I will be encouraging the many businesses I meet to continue to invest in Northern Ireland and help support local businesses to grow, create jobs and promote Northern Ireland as a great place to do business.”