Andrew Sabisky Quits Downing Street Role after Cross-Party Criticism

Andrew Sabisky, a newly appointed contractor at Downing Street, has resigned following the revelation of previous race comments. Sabisky had said that intelligence was linked to race, but Boris Johnson had refused to sack him.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Minister, said that Sabisky had made remarks that were “totally unacceptable” and which were “racist”. Caroline Nokes, the Conservative MP for Romsey and Southampton North said that she was “relieved” that Sabisky was no longer in his role.

Ian Lavery, the chair of the Labour Party, said in a statement that he had written to the Prime Minister to ask a series of questions about the appointment. Part of the letter read:

“Andrew Sabisky has thankfully left your government. However the disturbing nature of his previous comments on eugenics, race and women, which have been well documented in the press, raise very serious concerns about your own views. Furthermore, there are unanswered questions about how somehow with such abhorrent views was ever considered for employment in the first place.”

Kirsty Blackman, a spokesperson for the SNP, said in a statement:

“It is beyond shameful that a man with a well-documented history of unapologetically offensive, misogynistic, and racist remarks was considered by No 10 to be an appropriate hire.”

Sabisky said in a statement:

“I wanted to help the government not be a distraction… accordingly I’ve decided to resign. I know this will disappoint a lot of people but I signed up to do real work, not be in the middle of a giant character assassination.”