Times Newspaper Allege Rishi Sunak Linked to Fund Which Crashed UK Economy

The Times Newspaper has today alleged that Rishi Sunak, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, profited from a fund which contributed to the crash of the UK economy. The Times newspaper wrote:

“Sunak was a partner at the hedge fund TCI when it launched an activist campaign against the Dutch bank, AMB Amro in 2007, resulting in its sale to the RBS”.

The Times added that this made Sunak a multi-millionaire and led to the bail-out of the banks.

Sunak has also been alleged to have been involved with Patrick Degorce, who was a key figure involved in a tax avoidance scheme.

John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, said in a statement:

“Clearly Mr Sunak has questions to answer about his past activities and associations.”