Durham Miners’ Gala Refuse to Invite Conservative MPs to Event

Alan Mardghum, the President of the Durham Miners’ Association, has said that he “would rather die in a ditch” than invite Conservative MPs to attend the Durham Miners’ Gala event. Mardghum added that “they might need to speak to the police” if they did want to go ensure their security.

Richard Holden, the Conservative MP for North West Durham which was a seat held until 2019 by Labour for over 100 years, said on Twitter:

“Silly of Alan Mardghum to make these veiled threats to MPs elected by County Durham Esp as he was removed as a trustee of a miners charity by
@ChtyCommission – it was paying out 5 TIMES more in wages/admin than it was granting to those in need…”

Mardghum later clarified his comments to deny that he was making threats, saying:

“The current political climate has polarised many and feelings are running high. It is only advisable that anyone in public office seeks advice from the relevant authorities. Our position is one of responsibility to the thousands of people who take part in the Gala. It certainly is not an implied threat to any specific group of people who may wish to attend.”