Great Yarmouth Labour Councillor Returns MBE in Protest Over Iain Duncan Smith Knighthood

Councillor Mike Smith-Clare, a Labour councillor in Great Yarmouth, has said that he is returning his MBE award in protest at the announcement that Iain Duncan Smith is being knighted.

Smith-Clare posted on Twitter:

“For all of those whose lives have been devastated by Universal Credit; its ensuing poverty and abject misery – I’m sure you’ll share my incredulity at the instigator of such cruelty being so richly rewarded. #KnightmareIDS”

Speaking to the Great Yarmouth Mercury, Smith-Clare said:

“I have made this difficult decision following the recent announcement that Iain Duncan Smith has been awarded a Knighthood. Having seen at first hand the shocking poverty brought about by the introduction of Universal Credit to my town I am incredulous that the architect of such appalling social and personal misery should be so richly rewarded.”

Nearly 250,000 people have signed an on-line petition against the award to the former Conservative Party leader and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.