Clive Lewis Announces Labour Leadership Bid

Clive Lewis, the Labour MP for Norwich South, has announced that he will be a candidate for the party’s leadership following the resignation of Jeremy Corbyn. Lewis, who is on the party’s left, said that members would be given more power to select candidates and policies.

Writing in the Guardian, Lewis said:

“In a divided party, there is always a danger that factions will overcome facts; or, with a compromise candidate, that triangulation will trump truth. I want to break this cycle: to use the leadership campaign as an opportunity for us all to learn from each other, and to help our party grow. That’s the first reason I’m standing: for a chance to tell the truth. With our party on the edge of a precipice, now is the time to dispel our fears and face up to reality.”

He also rejected the record of New Labour and the party’s period in Government, saying:

“The truth is that while making a clear break with the New Labour era in terms of policy and personnel, the party was never able to communicate this to voters in our heartlands. When trying to persuade them of our radicalism and sincerity, we often had the legacy of the 2000s thrown back in our faces. Persuading voters that we understand the sources of their long-held resentment and frustration, of their disappointment in how Labour has conducted itself since the 1990s, will be the first step towards winning back their trust.”