Former Labour MP Anna Turley Criticises Corbyn’s Leadership

Anna Turley, the Labour MP who lost her Redcar seat the 2019 General Election, has launched a strong criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, the out-going Labour leader. Writing in the Independent, the former MP said that the Labour leadership had “ignored warnings”.

Turley added:

“The message on the doorstep in this election was clear: the party was out of touch, the leader was weak, and we weren’t a credible party of government. Our manifesto was not affordable, our party had become nasty.

Yet the narrative rehashed ferociously by the social media cheerleaders and dozy frontbenchers is that it was Brexit wot won it. But for every time Brexit was raised on the doorsteps, the leadership was raised four more – even by those sticking with us. There was visceral anger from lifelong Labour voters who felt they couldn’t vote for the party they had supported all their lives because of “that man at the top”. They had sent us this message loud and clear in 2017; I was told frequently by my constituents to “go back down to London and get rid of him”.”