Conservative Party Warn of Labour’s Plan for 108 New Quangos

The Conservative Party have issued a statement warning that Labour would set up 108 new quangos if they were to win power at this week’s General Election.

The party said in a statement:

“Pledges in Labour’s 2019 manifesto alone commit to the creation of at least 108 new quangos – unaccountable public bodies paid for by the taxpayer. The running costs of these new quangos will be a minimum of £1.86 billion per year – adding up to £9.32 billion over five years. This is on top of another £3.93 billion in upfront costs which will be required to set up and finance these quangos.”

Rishi Sunak, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, added:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to set up over a hundred new quangos will hugely increase bureaucracy and waste in government. Corbyn’s new quangos range from the pointless and profligate to the deeply damaging and sinister. I am particularly concerned that they will hugely increase the power of their chums in the trade unions which will mean more strikes and more gridlock.”