Government Announces £25 Million Fund for Hospices

The Government has today announced a £25 million fund for hospices and palliative care services to help those near the end of their lives.

Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health, said in a statement:

“End of life is vitally important, and our NHS is committed to caring for you from cradle to grave. This cash boost will protect our precious hospices and palliative care services so people across the country will have the best, most personalised and dignified choices when they die. We should expect the highest quality support, so we can spend the last days of our life with our loved ones, dying with dignity in the way that we want to.”

Robert Peston, the chair of Hospice UK, said in a statement:

“Many hospices and palliative care providers are facing acute financial pressures and are struggling to meet the growing need for their desperately important services. This injection of new funds by the Government could not have come at a more critical time. It will help many, but it will not completely alleviate the serious funding problems facing a swelling number of charitable hospices.”