Philip Hammond Says MPs Will Block No-Deal Brexit

Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has said that he believes that MPs will block a no-deal Brexit. Boris Johnson, the favourite to win the Conservative Party leadership, has said that the odds of a no-deal were “a million to one against”.

Speaking to Nick Robinson, Hammond said:

“The Commons has been clear already that it does not support a no-deal exit. That is my position, and as a backbencher I will continue to argue against a no-deal exit.”

When asked if the House of Commons would get a chance to block a no-deal, the Chancellor added:

“Let me quote the Speaker of the House of Commons, who has said that if the House of Commons is determined to do something he is quite sure that it will find a way and I am quite confident that the House of Commons will find a way and indeed should be able to find a way”.