ITV Producer Tom McLennan Admits Not Knowing Lie Detector Reliability

Tom McLennan, a producer of the Jeremy Kyle Show, had admitted to a select committee that he didn’t know the reliability of lie detector tests, other than they were not 100% accurate. McLennan was appearing in front of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee which is investigating reality shows and the wider issues relating to Steve Dymond, who committed suicide after appearing on the programme.

When asked by committee chair Damian Collins what the level of accuracy was, McLennan responded by saying that different experts would give different answers. When pushed to explain what those answers were, or the range of accuracy, McLennan said:

“I haven’t got those figures”.

Collins said that:

“I find that astonishing, this has become one of the most criticised elements of the show, one of the most controversial, one of the things that causes the most amount of stress, it’s presented as fact, it’s disputed how good the technology is, but yet you don’t know yourself what the range is in terms of the likeliness to get a true and accurate reading out of the test?”

McLennan admitted that he didn’t know the information and said “I am not a lie detector expert”.