Jeremy Hunt Calls on Russia to Co-operate on MH17

Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, has called on Russia to co-operate with an investigation into those responsible for bringing down aircraft MH17 on 17 July 2014. Hunt’s call came after a report released by the MH17 Joint Investigation Team and the Dutch National Prosecutor, who confirmed that four people will be charged for the crime.

Hunt said in a statement:

“The shooting down of MH17 nearly 5 years ago and the tragic deaths of the 298 people on board, including 10 British people, was a horrific crime. The family and friends of those who died deserve justice. Today marks a significant step towards ensuring that those responsible are held accountable.

The UK offers its support to the prosecution process and has complete confidence in both the Joint Investigation Team and the Dutch criminal justice system. I thank the Joint Investigation Team for their painstaking work to deliver justice for all the victims from 17 different countries who lost their lives that day.

The Russian Federation must now cooperate fully with the prosecution and provide any assistance it requests in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 2166. The charges brought against these individuals today show that the international community stands together against the impunity of those responsible for the despicable murder of 298 innocent people.”