Boris Johnson Found in Breach of Expenses Rules Again

Boris Johnson, the former Foreign Secretary, has been criticised by the Commons Standards watchdog after another breach of the House’s rules. Johnson was also previously warned by the committee for failing to disclose earnings he had made outside of the Commons.

The report said about Johnson’s breach:

“We conclude with concern that these two investigations by the Commissioner in rapid succession demonstrate a pattern of behaviour by Mr Johnson. While there is no suggestion that he has at any time tried deliberately to conceal the extent of his interests, this latest breach reinforces the view which we expressed in our previous Report, that he has displayed “an over-casual attitude towards obeying the rules of the House”, in conjunction with “a lack of effective organisation within [his] office”. We find it particularly regrettable that Mr Johnson gave an assurance to the Commissioner that his registration of financial interests was up to date, and within a very short period it proved not to be.”