Foreign Secretary Visits Malaysia as Part of Three Day Tour of Asia

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, is visiting Malaysia today in the first part of his three-day tour of Asia. He praised the progress towards media freedom in the country and said that the UK would help support Malaysian journalists focusing on investigative journalism.

The Foreign Secretary said in a statement:

“The UK is leading international efforts to support and protect media freedoms. At a time when these freedoms are increasingly under threat across the world, I applaud the new Malaysian government for the positive commitments and early steps it has taken. Lifting travel bans on journalists and moving to repeal laws that restrict media freedom demonstrate an intent to support journalists in their vital work and foster a free press.

Later this year I will be hosting an international conference in London on media freedom, which will bring together countries like Malaysia, and mobilise consensus behind the protection of journalists and the environment they operate in”.

The Malaysian Foreign Office added that they thought the visit of Jeremy Hunt would “strengthen the bond of friendship between Malaysia and the UK”.