UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation Releases Clips to Mark Kristallnacht

UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation has released clips to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of Kristallnacht. This was a state sponsored attack on Jewish businesses and communities, with many shops being damaged and destroyed. 30,000 Jews were also arrested on the same weekend and imprisoned in numerous concentration camps.

Ed Balls, the former Shadow Chancellor and the co-chairman of the Foundation said in a statement:

“Kristallnacht was a moment where prejudice turned into violence, and it is right 80 years on, that we examine this vicious escalation of the Nazi campaign against Jewish communities in Europe. By understanding the steps that lead up to the Holocaust, we are can remain vigilant to any attempt to create divisions and stir up hate in our society today”.

Lord Pickles, the former Communities Secretary and the co-chairman of the Foundation, added in a statement:

“The Foundation was set up to increase the visibility and scope of Holocaust education in the United Kingdom, securing the legacy of the British Holocaust survivors who have dedicated their lives to educating the future generation on where prejudice, intolerance and hatred can lead.

Our hope is that the short film released today, with moving testimony from men and women who recall the impact of Kristallnacht on their own communities, is a small step in achieving these aims”.