Boris Johnson Expresses Disappointment on Venezuelan elections

Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, has expelled disappointment following the announcement of the Venezuelan election results. Nicolás Maduro, the President, was re-elected amidst allegations of electoral fraud. Sanctions are expected to be announced against Venezuela by several countries in response to the results.

Johnson said in a statement:

“I am disappointed, but not surprised, that Maduro pressed ahead with deeply flawed elections to secure his own survival. They were neither free nor fair, and have further eroded Venezuelan democracy. There is an urgent need to restore democratic order, release political prisoners, and respect the National Assembly and political opposition.

The condemnation of the international community is loud and clear. We shall work closely with our EU and regional partners in the coming weeks to determine how we can continue to support a political resolution.

I remain deeply concerned by the man-made humanitarian and economic crisis, which is growing worse by the day. I urge the Venezuelan government to take immediate action, and let the international community deliver essential food and medicines. The suffering of ordinary Venezuelan people cannot be allowed to continue”.