Owen Smith, the former Labour Leadership Candidate, Calls for a Public Vote on the Brexit Deal

Owen Smith, the Labour MP for Pontypridd and former candidate for the Labour leadership, has called for a public vote on the final Brexit deal. Writing in the Guardian newspaper, Smith said “Labour should ask if Brexit is the right decision, not just push for a softer version”.

Smith wrote:

“Labour needs to do more than just back a soft Brexit or guarantee a soft border in Ireland. Given that it is increasingly obvious that the promises the Brexiters made to the voters – especially, but not only, their pledge of an additional £350m a week for the NHS – are never going to be honoured, we have the right to keep asking if Brexit remains the right choice for the country. And to ask, too, that the country has a vote on whether to accept the terms, and true costs of that choice, once they are clear. That is how Labour can properly serve our democracy and the interests of our people”.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Opposition, has previously ruled out a second vote, but is yet to comment on Smith’s proposals.