Alistair Burt Issues Statement on the Sentencing of Ahed Tamimi

Alistair Burt, the Minister for the Middle East, has issued a statement on the sentencing of Ahed Tamimi who has been imprisoned for eight months. Tamimi is a Palestinian teenager who slapped an Israeli soldier who has accepted the prison sentence as part of a plea deal.

Burt said:

“The conviction and sentencing of Ahed Tamimi is emblematic of how the unresolved conflict is blighting the lives of a new generation, who should be growing up together in peace, but continue to be divided.

The treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention remains a human rights priority for the UK. We will continue to call upon Israel to improve its practices in line with international law and obligations.

We have offered to help the Israeli authorities through expert-to-expert talks with UK officials. The offer still stands and we hope Israel will take us up on it. While we recognise that Israel has made some improvements, it needs to do much more to safeguard vulnerable people in its care”.