Dame Frances Cairncross to Lead Review on Press Sustainability

The Government has confirmed that Dame Frances Cairncross is to lead a review on press sustainability and investigating the media market. It comes against the backdrop of UK newspaper circulation falling in half since 2001 and the closure of over 200 local newspapers since 2005.

Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said in a statement:

“Although the internet has been an immense force for good, it has torn apart the established order and raised real questions about the sustainability and profitability of traditional journalism.

Dame Frances Cairncross will bring her experience in journalism and academia to tackle these issues with a view to examine the press and protect the future of high quality journalism”.

Dames Frances said:

“Having spent much of my working life as a journalist, and seen how the digital revolution has changed both the fortunes of newspapers and the opportunities for distributing news, I am excited to be undertaking this review.

This is both a challenging and an exciting time for the press, both locally and nationally, and I hope the review will clarify both ways to ensure the future of high quality journalism and the options for public policy”.