Labour Announces it Would Force Employers to Take Action on Gender Pay Gaps

Dawn Butler, the Shadow Women and Equalities Minister, has said that Labour would require all large public and private employers will be required to take action on gender pay gaps. The Government has recently agreed to audit gender pay in businesses, but the Labour policy would force action beyond that.

Butler said:

“In 1970 Labour introduced the Equal Pay Act but nearly 50 years later, women are still paid on average over 14 per cent less than men.

It’s time to close the gender pay gap once and for all. But to address these deep rooted inequalities, we need action, not just audits.

The next Labour government will require all large employers to prove how they plan to tackle their gender pay gaps and prove they are equal pay employers.

Labour will make it a priority to close the gender pay gap and tackle the structural barriers facing women across our society, creating a country that truly works for the many, not the few”.