Sinn Fein President Tells Theresa May to Take a Lead on Talks in Northern Ireland

Mary Lou McDonald, the President of Sinn Fein, has told the Guardian newspaper that Theresa May, the Prime Minister, needs to take a lead on talks in Northern Ireland.

McDonald said:

“The confidence and supply agreement causes a huge, huge problem: it robs even the pretence of impartiality in the minds of many; and I do have a concern, and I shared this with Theresa May, that she might soft-pedal, that she might put things off, in order to protect that arrangement.

The other thing about the confidence and supply arrangement was the commitment to the Tories on Brexit.

It’s not her words, it’s her actions: we’ve had words until we’ve nearly given each other migraines. In the final analysis, to get this sorted out, you can only judge and make a call when the words are silent and when you look to the actions”.

She added that the party would still refuse to take its seven seats in the British House of Commons to try to prevent Brexit, saying:

“We are an abstentionist party, I do not foresee us changing that position”.